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Carpet is the finishing touch to your home when you buy carpet you want it to last a long time, have a professional fit and look great for many years!  Finding the right carpet for your floor can be confusing as there are many different types and brands of carpet to choose from.

Berber carpet or looped carpet is made from multiple loops.    This allows the carpet to be great for high traffic areas and comes in a multiple of colors.  Berber carpet can be made from nylon, olefin and wool.  Highly durable Berger carpeting is great for offices, schools as well as high traffic areas in the home.

Textured carpet comes in both patterned and plain options.  It is great for hiding footprints and vacuum cleaning lines.  These are some of the best selling carpets for offices and informal areas such as family rooms and children’s bedrooms because they fee soft and disguise tracks.

Frize carpet is a cut pile carpet where the yarns are twisted forming a curly texture.  This type of carpet gives a great plush feeling of a thick cut pile carpet feels good under bare feet and is very durable, easy to maintain and versatile.  Great for kids rooms, casual rooms with many subtle colors to choose from.

Saxony carpet adds beauty to any room, a great carpet for a room where you want to create a more formal look.  This type of carpet is made from yarn tufts to create a dense level-cut pile that gives a smooth and luxurious look and feel; great for bedrooms and formal rooms or where you want a luxurious look.

Cut Pile carpets offer the advantages of both the looped and cut carpet options.  The carpets are made with a process of tufting some loops higher than others.  When the carpet is sheared the carpet retains some of its lower loops while the longer loops are cut.  This process creates an interesting design in the carpet which plays with the light entering the room.


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