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We understand that when it comes to finding the right company there are plenty of choices and you have lots of questions. We are happy to answer all your questions and address any concerns so that you the best experience from finding the right product, purchasing, and installation. Here are some of our frequently asked questions, if you have any others please do not hesitate to contact us or stop by our showroom.

Carpet FAQ

Q. Do you charge for estimates?
No, give us a call 303.233.3739 or contact the Carpet Cons through our online form, and we will be happy to come by, measure your home or office, bring samples and make suggestions and then give you a fair price for your project.

Q. Do you include the pad in the pricing?
Yes, we use quality carpet padding and the type of carpet you select will determine the padding we will use. Carpet pads help with the carpet durability and helps your new carpet withstand the wear and tear of time giving you a longer lasting carpet.

Q. What guarantee does your work carry?
We are proud to stand by all our installs and offer a one year workmanship guarantee. Manufacturer warranties are in addition to our workmanship guarantee, see below for more on that!

Q. Who preps the room for installation, do we need to move all the furniture?
This is something we can discuss during the quote stage. We are more than happy to move furniture and clear areas and this is on a per job basis. If you have a few burly folks around to help you we are also happy to save you some money on the costs and let you take care of moving furniture before the installers get there.

Q. What warranties come with the carpet?
This depends on the manufacturer, some come with 5 years others with 10 it really depends on what product you decide on and your sales person can advise you on the manufactures warranties to help you with your buying decision.

Q. My basement flooded and the carpet is ruined, is that covered under the warranty?
No, this might be covered under your home insurance and it is advised you check your policy. However many times we can replace the pad and have our carpet care team come and dry the carpet, often it can look as good as new.

Q. I have damage my carpet, you help me fix it?
Absolutely, we can come and repair your carpet fixing burns, stains or other problems. If your carpet has had a mishap then it might not mean you need to replace it all. Call us to find out more on carpet repair and we can advise you on the best course of action.

Tile FAQ

Q. What tiles should I install where?
With so many different tile options on the market today it can be difficult trying to figure out what is the best tile for the job. Standing in front of a tile display can only get you more confused. There are tiles that work better in some places in your home and others that would just not work well at all. Don’t make any costly purchasing mistakes, come into our showroom and talk to our sales person and we show you different types that work best in various locations.

Q. How should I clean my new tile?
For ceramic or porcelain tile any household tile cleaner works great. There are special brushes you can find at the hardware store for subbing the grout to keep that looking nice. However for natural stone you need to use a php neutral cleaner.

Q. Can I bring my own pattern for tile work and have you follow the design?
You bettcha! We have worked on some really elaborate designs, check out our portfolio where we showcase some of our work at the Parade of Homes kitchen or images from the Parade of Home Bathrooms. Bring in your ideas and make your home design unique.

Q. Do you have to come back and grout or is everything done in one day?
The grouting process is an important part of the installation. We need to wait for the tile to bond to the floor before we can add the grout. So, yes we will need to come back and finish the grouting the next day to be sure that you have a floor that will last a long time.

Q. Can you install ceramic tile outside?
Certain kinds of tiles can be installed outside, come by the showroom and we can help you with a selection. With outdoor fire pits and kitchens it is becoming more popular to have tile outside.

Q. Do you put a sealer on the tiles?
We put a sealer on all natural stone, but ceramic or porcelain tiles does not need to be sealed.

Q. Is there a minimum order/job amount/cost?
Call us or Contact Us for any sized jobs we can offer you the best in service and quality on any job small to large. We have worked on small cabins, houses, mansions and commercial jobs with competitive pricing.